This document (the “Privacy Policy”) describes the scope, purpose and manner of processing by C&F S.A. of the personal data of the user (“User”) of the ChannelPulse service provided by this company in the domain (the “Service”) and other data.

  1. The operator of the Service and the controller of the users’ personal data (“Personal Data“) is the company C&F S.A. with its registered seat in Warsaw, at Domaniewska 50 Street, postal code 02-672, registered by the REGISTRAR’S COURT FOR THE CITY OF WARSAW IN WARSAW, XIII ECONOMIC DEPARTMENT OF THE NATIONAL REGISTER, under the KRS number 0000876957, NIP 5213512353, REGON 141677176 (the “Company” or “C&F S.A.“).
  2. This Privacy Policy, together with the Service Regulations available here, constitute the Terms of Service.
  3. The Controller shall process data, including Personal Data, in compliance with the law and in accordance with safeguards required by law and best practices.
  4. This Privacy Policy applies solely to the Service, and shall not apply to any other services provided by C&F S.A., or to any other websites or webpages that can or may be accessed from the website or webpages of the Service.
  5. The Service consists in providing the User with an application (software) (the “Application“) for analyzing and visualizing data collected on advertising accounts (“Advertising Accounts“) on social media and other advertising platforms (“Advertising Platforms“) where the User acting on his own behalf, or the entity on whose behalf the User acts (the “Client“), conducts its advertising campaigns.
  6. Security of Personal Data posted to websites and media where Advertising Platforms function is the responsibility of these websites’ and media’s respective operators.
  7. The data that the Company collects consists of:
    a. data entered into the Application by Users (“Service Data“),
    b. data collected in Advertising Accounts (“Business Data“),
    c. data collected by the Company’s third-party service providers (“Service Providers“) to monitor the quality and optimization of the Service, as well as to support customer service (“Service Provider Data“).
  8. The scope of the Service Data includes:
    a. Personal Data of the User (account name, email address, telephone number, IP address),
    b. Client Data (name, address, tax ID number),
    c. Data needed to process payment for using the Service,
    d. Information on how the User uses the Service (when, what functions they use),
    e. Data needed to authorize the Service on Advertising Platforms, through which the Application gains access to Business Data (access tokens, API Secret, API Keys – depending on the
    requirements of the Advertising Platform in question),
    f. Information about advertisements published on Advertising Platforms by the User.
  9. The Company shall not make available the User’s Personal Data to Service Providers or any other third parties.
  10. Business Data includes or may include:
    a. information about advertisements published on the Advertising Platforms by the User or Client,
    b. information about interactions with advertising of its recipients,
    c. Information about the characteristics of the target group to which the advertisement is directed; depending on the Advertising Platform, this may include demographic information (age group, gender, geographic region).
  11. Business Data does not contain information allowing for the identification of persons who are recipients of advertising.
  12. Business Data contains information about the number of interactions within a certain time period, the time of interaction and its duration.
  13. The types of interactions depend on the characteristics of individual Advertising Platforms. Typically, these include ad views, clicks, conversions, video views; details can be found in the documentation of each Advertising Platform.
  14. The Company shall not make available the Business Data to Service Providers or any other third parties with the exception of legally authorized institutions.
  15. The Company shall process Users’ personal data for the following purposes:
    a. proper provision of the Service, in accordance with the Service Regulations,
    b. processing of payment for the use of the Service,
    c. communications related to the use of the Service, handling of complaints and inquiries,
    d. marketing communications related to the Service and other services of the Company – to the extent consistent with the consents given by
    the User during account registration.
  16. With respect to the Personal Data being processed, the User retains all the rights arising from applicable law, including in particular:
    a. the right to be informed about the scope and purposes of processing their Personal Data,
    b. the right to correct their Personal Data,
    c. the right to request the deletion of their Personal Data, in accordance with Section 20 of this Privacy Policy.
  17. The User may change their Personal Data using the features available in the Application (“user data management”) or by making a relevant request by email, using the contact information found here.
  18. No Personal Data collected by the Company shall be retained for longer than is strictly necessary for the use of the Service by the User, or until the expiry of any mutual claims arising therefrom.
  19. The Company has the right to conduct research based on anonymized and aggregated Business Data, and to publish it for marketing purposes.