The need

For more than 20 years of supporting the world’s largest companies we have talked to people with different backgrounds. We were surprised to find that in a world full of digital solutions it is still quite challenging to track the ROI and efficiency of the marketing budget spent. Monitoring different channels and campaigns to make sure budgets are spent in the most effective way possible still takes too much time and effort, which leads to frustration of marketers as well as management.

The answer

We aim to help marketers from small and medium businesses maximize the ROI on marketing spend by bringing together real-time paid campaign data from multiple channels and business units without the need for any technical know-how.



We spend half a day every fortnight to manually extract data scattered across all channels and consolidate it into one Excel sheet. We have up-to-date data only twice a month.

It’s impossible to analyze campaigns in real-time to optimize results.

It’s hard to track which campaigns perform best in which channels.

Pulling data from various sources is easy and not a challenge, combining and unifying it across platforms is the real challenge.

Our solution

Instantly deployable – start analyzing your campaigns within minutes without the need for discovery calls or support from IT.

Focus on increasing the ROI on marketing spend.

Quick and easy integration with social media accounts.

Complete overview of all your marketing campaigns in one place.

Marketing campaign performance across platforms in real-time dashboards.

Product vision

In the Alpha version of the product, we focused on the main pain points we gathered from the people we talked to. We would like to provide you with a first glance of what we want to achieve in the final product. Building a great product takes a lot of time, effort and, most importantly, feedback. We have a long journey of constant improvements ahead of us. And we seek feedback from you – those professionals we want to help.


Product features

FeaturesAlready availableTo be released
Dashboard overview with KPI updates+
Lists of all active campaigns across all platforms+
Campaign comparison across platforms+
Campaigns performance data drill-down +
Platform performance data drill down+
Interactive graphs+
Savable dashboards for quick access+
Customizable KPIs +
Additional social media integrations (TikTok, X – or any other you might need) +
Side-by-side campaign comparison dashboards +
Custom report builder +
Shareable dashboard views +
Adding tags +
Adding events +
Events calendar+
Real-time alerts +
AI-generated insights +
AI-generated campaign performance predictions +
Tracking touchpoints throughout the whole buyer’s journey +
Tracking ROAS +
Tracking revenue +
Conversion path tracking+

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