Maximize the ROI on marketing spend

by bringing together real-time paid campaign data from multiple channels and
business units without the need for any technical know-how.

Integrate Your data

Integrate and bring together data from multiple channels,
platforms and accounts into one unified and normalized
dashboard without any additional work, technical effort or


Unify Your dashboards

Save countless hours spent compiling data from multiple
campaigns, platforms and accounts into one spreadsheet
that is outdated the moment it is finished. Work with one,
up to date single source of truth instead of hours of
manual labor and human error.

Visualize Your results

Visualize marketing spend within minutes without the
hassle of having to onboard a whole tool stack engaging
multiple stakeholders in your organization.

Simplify reporting to stakeholders with always up-to-date
dashboards and metrics.


Analyze Your marketing

  • Get a helicopter-level perspective of all your online ad
    spend (vs. all your marketing spend) from all channels,
    platforms and accounts.

  • Dive deep into data from all campaigns and platforms analyzing campaigns, campaign groups, subgroups and creations.

  • Compare the performance of one campaign, cost, ROI, ROAS across multiple campaigns, channels, accounts, ads and creatives.

  • Benchmark ongoing campaigns versus historic data.

Optimize Your campaings

  • Understand which marketing campaigns, channels, ads
    and creatives to prioritize and optimize campaigns in
    real time as they happen.
  • Cancel underperforming campaigns instantly instead of burning money while waiting for the weekly excel summary.

  • Introduce a simple and effective A/B test tracking environment that will help you improve your campaigns step by step.


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